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Apple Blast is a house and roof surfactant additive for sodium hypochlorite mix solutions. Entice your customers and cover the smell of bleach with Apple Blast’s sweet, apple scent! With its great vertical cling action, Apple Blast will penetrate the house siding or roof for an extended amount of time, maximizing the clean time. Apple Blast is perfect for soft washing house siding and roofs. 


Apple Blast by Delux feature a number of key benefits including:

  • Maximizing detergent adhesion
  • Pleasant apple cover scent
  • Great foaming action
  • Slow drying
  • Deeper surface penetration

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Instructions: Use less sodium hypochlorite per mix For roofs 2-3 oz per 5 gallons. For siding Mix 1-2 oz per 5 gallons, for a stronger mix of sodium hypochlorite mix 3 oz per 5 gallon.