The Reaper Plus

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The REAPER Plus is designed to save you money & stop batch mixing. All in one Reaper Softwash Kit, Hose, and Hose Reel.


  • Tool Box *may be 18" or 24" according to availability
  • 12v Pump
  • Softwash Wand
  • Wireless Remote for Pump
  • GF Mixer 
  • 3 Camlocks w/ 2- 1/2" and 1- 3/8" barbs 
  • 12" Hose Reel
  • 200' Softwash Hose
  • Flush Mount 12v Plug
  • Battery Charger *if selected

Hose Reel does not come mounted to the box you will need to do that once you receive if you want. We can not ship this unit all as one piece. You will receive 3 packages: box, hose reel, and hose separately.


      These units are built as ordered and due to high demand will require 3 weeks to complete and could possibly be later if we continue to have issues with supply shortages.


      Watch our video on plumbing The Reaper Plus on our YouTube Channel.