Melon Mania

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Melon Mania is a non-hazardous bleach additive with
a pronounced fresh watermelon scent designed to
mask bleach odors. Melon Mania will thicken your
bleach solution, resulting in increased foam and
cling/contact time. This has the effect of extending
the efficacy of the bleach solution, saving expense.
Melon Mania also contains a proprietary blend
of penetrating surfactants to enhance cleaning
capability. Product can be used in a bleach batch,
downstream injection system, or proportioning


Depending on desired foam and thickening action,
use 4-8 oz. of Melon Mania per gallon of bleach/
water mix, however applied. Do not allow product to
mix and store with bleach overnight – use product
same day. For best results, use with a softwash
proportioning system. Do not overuse product - if
mixed too strong, solution may become difficult
to pull from containers and difficult to rinse from