Stay Green Bleach Neutralizer

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Stay Green is utilized as a secondary rinse following the soft wash
process to neutralize corrosive bleach crystals on cleaned surfaces, plants,
and equipment. Stay Green will remove bleach streak, which results from
poor rinsing of bleach solution following cleaning. Spraying Stay Green on
and through equipment, trailers and vehicles will neutralize bleach crystals
to protect from rapid corrosion, both by neutralizing the bleach solution as
well as with active corrosion inhibitors in formulation. Pumps, sprayers,
hoses and fittings should be flushed, thus stopping premature repairs and
replacement. Use Stay Green to spray sensitive shrubbery and outdoor
(non-edible) plants before and after use of bleach, in order to prevent harm.
Always rinse plants thoroughly with water following use. Do not leave product
to dry on plants.

  • Easy To Use
  • Prevents Damage To Surfaces And Equipment
  • Highly Dilutable
  • Contains Corrosion Inhibitors



Pre-rinse all surfaces to be treated. Mix 2 - 4 oz. of Stay Green per gallon
of water for low pressure spray applications on windows or to spray down
equipment. Mix 2 - 4 oz. per gallon for X-Jet application. Mix 4 - 6oz per gallon
for downstream injectors. Rinse lightly.